Health through Martial Arts Perth

Improve your Health

Health Benefits of I Liq Chuan It is common knowledge that exercise and activity is good for the health, however I Liq Chuan Martial Arts has a far more reaching benefit than just getting the heart pumping and developing physical

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Elite Martial Arts Perth

Self Defence

Martial arts are practiced for many reasons, but probably the most obvious reason is self-defense. Our society is becoming more violent; home invasions, road rage and brazen acts of violence have made it necessary for people to learn how to

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Philosophy and Concepts, Most effective martial arts, Perth

Philosophy and Concepts

The reason that makes I Liq Chuan such a unique martial art and so different to other options is the teachings around Philosophy and Concepts. It is very important that the practitioners learn to break away from the unconscious and

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Why Choose I Liq Chuan Martial Arts Perth?

I Liq Chuan – Zhong Xin Dao Perth provides a very safe and friendly learning environment for the students. Our art is very unique as unlike some other arts, it relies on partner training. All members know that to excel and grow they must learn to help their partner to grow as well. Most arts will be competitive within their own school. Make no mistake, this is not an average martial art, it is an elite martial art and will only suit some people. Like anything of quality, it will take time to learn.

Our school is very different. We are very nurturing and share our skills. The instructors have a passion for the art and are dedicated in sharing their knowledge. They have spent years cultivating their skills through the direct lineage to the World Master and co founder- Master Sam Chin and to the late Lik Keong Chin who was the originator of I Liq Chuan.

I Liq Chuan – Zhong Xin Dao Perth is run as an association, commercial gain is not our primary reason for operating. Our mission is to teach and share the principles of I Liq Chuan and help the art grow in our local community.