Health through Martial Arts Perth

Improve your Health

Health Benefits of I Liq Chuan Martial Arts It is common knowledge that exercise and activity is good for the health, however I Liq Chuan Martial Arts has a far more reaching benefit than just getting the heart pumping and

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Elite Martial Arts Perth

Self Defence

Martial arts are practiced for many reasons, but probably the most obvious reason is self-defense. Our society is becoming more violent; home invasions, road rage and brazen acts of violence have made it necessary for people to learn how to

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Philosophy and Concepts, Most effective martial arts, Perth

Philosophy and Concepts

The reason that makes I Liq Chuan such a unique martial art and so different to other options is the teachings around Philosophy and Concepts. It is very important that the practitioners learn to break away from the unconscious and

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Why Choose I Liq Chuan Martial Arts Perth?

I Liq Chuan – Zhong Xin Dao Perth stands out as a premier choice for martial arts enthusiasts, offering a secure and welcoming learning environment. What sets our art apart is its emphasis on partner training, fostering a cooperative mindset among members. Unlike traditional martial arts schools that may promote internal competition, our focus is on mutual growth and support.

This isn’t just another martial art; it’s an elite discipline tailored for individuals seeking a unique and profound skill set. Mastery in I Liq Chuan requires dedication and time investment, reflecting its high standards and quality.

Our school takes pride in its distinctive approach. We prioritize a nurturing atmosphere where knowledge is shared generously. Our instructors, fueled by a deep passion for the art, bring years of experience honed through a direct lineage to the esteemed World Master and co-founder, Master Sam Chin, and the late Lik Keong Chin, the original creator of I Liq Chuan.

Operating as an association, our school’s primary focus is not commercial gain but rather a commitment to teaching and spreading the principles of I Liq Chuan. Our mission is to contribute to the growth of this unique martial art within our local community, ensuring that its benefits are accessible to those who seek a profound and enriching journey.