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Martial arts school near me, PerthWelcome to I Liq Chuan Martial Arts Perth.

Welcome to I Liq Chuan Martial Arts Perth where we specialise in teaching the very unique art of Zhong Xin Dao, I Liq Chuan. Our art is an Internal Chinese martial art which draws on the use of correct structure, mindfulness and the use of energy flow and derives from a number of styles including some from the Hakka people. Traditionally the skills of the Hakka people were very secret and their skills were to protect themselves on the open roads as they were a migratory people for much of their history in China. In many cases these skills were reserved for family members only and the skills were not shared with outsiders. This art has been developed from these precursor styles by Grand master Chin Lik Cheong and now refined to its current level by his son the current Grand master Sam F.S. Chin.

Master Sam Chin, the Grandmaster Of I Liq Chuan.

Sam Chin trained with his father since childhood and won numerous competition including heavy weight championships in kickboxing. Master Sam has since gained recognition around the world for his unique skills and has been recognised by the Kung Fu Federation as a Hall of Fame outstanding master, he recently was inducted as a professor in the State University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria , for Theory of Martial Arts. He has continued to evolve and share his family art with his students and instructors around the world including the instructors in our Perth school.

There are 3 key instructors in the Perth school, David May, Des Morgan and Bevan Castle. They have been loyal students of Master Sam Chin since 1999. They are dedicated to sharing the unique skills that have been passed on by Master Sam and and his father, Chin Lik Keong.

The Perth school also has direct access to Sam Chins brother, and son of Chin Lik Keong, Fook Siong Chin, who has provided an enormous amount of knowledge and guidance to the instructors. The instructors have direct lineage to the Chin Family Art, this is very rare in traditional martial arts and it is an honor to have such direct links.

The Perth School and their Instructors

The school in Perth itself is very unique. Even though it is a martial arts school, the environment is very friendly. The art is based on partner training so each person is only going to improve by sharing and helping each other. The instructors have many years of experience in martial arts. Each instructor has had various backgrounds in different martial arts and have been training from a young age, they have high achievements in these arts but have come to realised I Liq Chuan offers skills that these arts do not offer. The training provided is elite and unique but the rewards are there for those that take on the challenge to learn. Martial Arts Instructors, Perth





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