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Health Benefits of I Liq Chuan Martial Arts

Martial Arts for Health PerthIt is common knowledge that exercise and activity is good for the health, however I Liq Chuan Martial Arts has a far more reaching benefit than just getting the heart pumping and developing physical fitness.

I liq Chuan Martial art system is an “Internal Martial Art” Because the art focuses on relaxing and using the opponent’s energy, breathing and moving the Chi throughout the body. Chi is defined as the inner energy flow. Training the art teaches the student to keep the body and mind relaxed and balanced. A student develops the ability to be aware of any part of the body, this provides benefits for the body and for the mind. As the student becomes more in tune of the muscles and joints, the contraction and expansion of the breath, the internal organs are exercised by the diaphragm. This is practiced standing still and during movement.


As quoted by Moshe Feldenkrais “Movement is life and without movement life is unthinkable”

Movement within the I Liq Chuan system is more than footwork. Most arts will not go into too much depth on how to move or how to use the points in your feet when moving and how the feet are use to generate power or chi flow. Our students are taught the importance of unifying force through the body from the ground up. Any movement is based not on a technique but based on recognizing the mechanism of the body and the conditions around it. This is based on properties of Absorb and project.

Absorb and Project
Absorbing is directing the force down to the feet, to do this you must be relaxed, aligned and unified as a whole unit without resistance. The same qualities are required for projecting, projecting is from the feet up through all the joints out to the extremities like the fingers and into the opponent. This is only possible if the qualities of the breathing and the opening and closing of the joints are aligned. When all of these qualities are correct the body is in harmony putting the body into a healthy state.

The training has a wider benefit than that of normal condition training typical to mainstream martial arts, even though condition training can be part of the practitioner’s routine. Through correct alignment, diaphragmatic movement, blood circulation and nourishment of the muscles, the practice of this art has a wide variety of health benefits and can even solve some health issues.

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